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"But dad I don't want to go to the boarding school I want to be a trainer" the 15 year old said looking up at his father in fear. The boy was small for his age he had brown hair and silver eyes that where red because of him crying. The man was ten times bigger than his son and had brown hair that had started going grey and had the same silver eyes. "No son of mine is going to be a worthless weak trainer" the man said "you are going to that school no matter what."

"But I-"

"DON'T BUT ME GIOVANNI" the man lunged forward and grabbed Giovanni by the collar. Giovanni looked at the man he calls dad and more tears fall down his tearstained face "DON'T YOU EVER BUT ME! AS LONG AS YOUR LIVING UNDER MY HOUSE YOU WILL DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO" the man raised his free hand and Giovanni cries out in pain as the hand made contact with his face, his father then punches him in the stomach and let Giovanni fall on the floor.

Giovanni clutches his stomach and watches his father walk out the door, before he left he turned to look at his son curled up in a ball on the ground "you are the biggest mistake of my life" he said and shut the door while Giovanni continues to lie on the floor as he cried himself to sleep.

Maxie and Archie:

"Mum, mum, mum, I got accepted as a scholar for the popular boarding school in Kanto" a young 15 year old boy with red hair and black eyes said as he came running down the stairs that morning. "That's great Maxie I'm in the kitchen making breakfast could you wake up Archie for me" said a voice coming from the kitchen. Maxie walked back up the stairs mumbling under his breath the last thing he wanted was to wake his annoying little brother up.

Before he could knock on the door it swang open and hit him square in the face. Another young boy with Dark Brown hair that was tucked under a blue bandanna and sapphire blue eyes around the age 15 emerged from the room. The boy stretched and yawned before looking behind the door hoping he had hit his older brother and to his luck there was his brother sitting on the floor holding his bloody nose.

"You asshole you did that on purpose" Maxie screeched clutching his nose. Archie look at him smirking "how would I know you were at the door unless I knew you had gotten accepted in to the boarding school and you couldn't wait to tell mum who would ask you to wake me up." "How did y-" Maxie started but was cut off "I was accepted into the same school fellow class mate" Archie stood there holding his acceptance letter.


"Well he's been accepted into a boarding school in Kanto hopefully he will put that silly little dream behind him and make friends with the other students instead of them picking on him" a 15 year old boy with blue hair and blue eyes was listening by the door hugging a book. "Indeed dear, Cyrus has a chance to make a new start and hopefully he will use it wisely."

The boy peered into the room "mum, dad what are you guys talking about?" A woman with light blue hair and brown eyes walked over to the boy "Cyrus what are you still doing up?" "I couldn't sleep mum so I came down to get a glass of water" Cyrus looked at his mother and asked again "what were you and dad talking about?" The man with black hair and blue eyes downed his drink before walking over to his son "Cyrus before you say anything to object us your mother and I enrolled you in to a boarding school in Kanto to give you a new chance at making friends" "really" Cyrus said with glee "I hope they like to hear about my dream about visiting a-" "Cyrus maybe it would be better if you didn't mention your dream" his mother cut him off.

Cyrus looked up at his parents then down at the book in his hands and hugged it tighter "but mum dad, you guys once told me that I should follow my dreams no matter what" Cyrus father look down at the 15 year old boy with the book in his hands "tell you what my boy" he grabbed the book out of Cyrus' hands "I'll let you take your book but please at least try to make friends even if it means they don't know about your dreams." Cyrus paused for a minute then grabbed the book from his father's hands "ok dad I promise" Cyrus hugged the book one more time before grabbing his water and headed back to bed.


"-you will continue to do your study at the best boarding school in the world, you must remember that you are representing our region, so I don't want to hear about a wild party you through or worse you getting an innocent girl pregnant-" the man continued to ramble on not even noticing that the 15 year old boy with tea green hair and red eyes wasn't listening. The boy just continued to look out the plane window, he saw a couple of pidoves flying together having fun.

The boy sighed and began to wonder if he'll ever be free like those pidoves. "Ghetsis! Are you even listening to me?" the boy looked at the man with brown hair and red eyes "I apologise father, for being rude and not paying attention" Ghetsis bowed his head in an apologetic way. "Your apology has been accepted however you need to stop this daydreaming; you're representing our region and you can't go around doing whatever you want."

Ghetsis looked at his father and nodded "I understand father." "Good now as I was saying you must keep your grades up and treat your teaches with the utter most respect remember they don't have to be there and deal with you but they choose to be there." Ghetsis nodded "yes father I understand it is a privilege to be taught by the teachers" "good" the man rubbed his chin before he spoke "and don't date anyone boy I want you to remember that you are engaged and are to be wedded as soon as you return from Kanto" all Ghetsis could was look at his father with a sad look in his eyes before covering his eyes in the book his father gave him. As soon as his father began to dose off Ghetsis looked out the window and began to wonder again if he will ever be free.
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